Turks And Caicos Island Adventure Must-See List

Turks And Caicos Island Adventure Must-See List

Turks and Caicos was a long time coming. With another friend celebrating a year older, we planned our trip in February and traveled in September. Our trip was a fun girls trip-birthday vacation getaway. With so much planned for our time on the island, we didn’t waste anytime checking into The Somerset indulging in our welcome cocktails while we got settled into our rooms. If you are planning a trip to Turks and Caicos here are a few recommendations I have from our island adventure.

Every Thursday there is a local island fish fry. It’s a locals food festival where vendors setup booths, offer food and drinks, there’s live music, and local crafts. Since it was walking distance from our residence it was super convenient. We did order groceries before we arrived via the concierge so we could enjoy breakfast together and move at our own pace in the mornings. However, the foodie in me will always make dining out and enjoying local experiences a priority. So, that’s exactly what we did!

Turks And Caicos Island Adventure Must-See List

The second day of our trip was a beach day. It was perfect for R&R after a long travel day the day prior. The Somerset offered beach service with a full menu of drinks and dining. The food was great and we never had to leave our beach lounge chairs. Talk about the perfect balance of relaxation and enjoyment. After a day of laying beachside we booked a catamaran tour. If you have been following my blog or social media for awhile you know I love a good boat excursion.

Since the trip was booked through Inspirato, a subscription based travel agency, we booked our boat tour through them. Inspirato is great because they offer different subscriptions for the different types of travel that work best for you. I’ve had the best experiences traveling with them and highly recommend their services. Our catamaran tour was a sunset cruise. I like daytime and sunset cruises but nothing beats being on the water watching the sun set like being out at sea.

The boat docked at Bistro Bay and we walked over to the restaurant for our reservation. There were 13 of us in our party so we made a reservation in advance. We ordered so many delicious items that it’s hard to say what was the best, but I really enjoyed the seafood. The next day we decided to split up and explore on our own. Some of the girls went back to the beach to relax while others went to the pool. Later that evening we got dressed up (in our theme color, blue), and celebrated our friend Joan’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Joan! The birthday festivities took place at Coco Bistro. My friend, Leisha, made the reservation months in advance because she had read amazing reviews and heard it lived up to the hype. To be fair, the food and service were top notch!

That night was definitely a blast but I was excited for the next day because we booked a photoshoot with drone shots in a clear glass boat. Something I hadn’t experienced up to this point. The shoot turned out to be as amazing as the boats. If you’re interested in booking a shoot with The Looking Glass book them in advance. The remainder of the trip was arranged and coordinated by Inspirato. They made reservations for us to have dinner at Infiniti on our last night in Turks and Caicos. Infiniti had live music which was nice to enjoy while we ate and watched the sunset. It was the perfect sendoff dinner. Afterward we went for Champagne at AZIZA because what’s a birthday without a little champagne celebration?! We had the best time dancing the night away indulging in laughter.

We all said goodbye and headed back to our hometowns the next day. The memories I made in Turks and Caicos will last a lifetime, but it’s the friendships I make and the commitment to spend time together on special occasions, birthdays, holidays and any other days of the year that are so important for me. I hope if you are reading this and thinking about taking a trip with your friends, you make the time. It can be challenging to coordinate, but it’s these small investments that make life worth living for.

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